With its existing machinery and knowledge, IEX Automotive has the capacity to produce 6,000 pipes, 2,000 silencers, 3,000 meters of spiral hose, 500 fuel tanks per month.

IEX has started to work intensively on Industry 4.0 standards in order to increase automotive production standards and efficiency. In this sense, in the first half of 2020, it is planning to make an error in the first production line in the Industry 4.0 standard.

Our machine park;

Pipe Section
1 x CNC Pipe Bending Machine
1 x Automatic Band Saw
1 x Angle Cutting Saw
1 x CNC Cord Opening Machine
2 x CNC Calibration Machine


Muffler Section

1 x Guillotine Shear

1 x CNC 3 Ball Cylinder

1 x Body Clamping Machine

1 x Body Sewing Machine

1 x Cord and Skirt Opening Machine

1 x Hydraulic Press

1 x Eccentric Press

1 x Hydraulic Internal Fastening Press

3 x Body Plastering Machine


Fuel&Oil Tank Section

1 x CNC Boy Koynak Otomasyonu

1 x Çift Kafalı Hidrolik C pres

1 x Hidrolik İç Çakma Presi

1 x Çevre Kaynak Otomasyonu


Flexible Hose Section

2 x CNC Spiral Machine

1 x Band saw

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