Product Groups

Exhaust Mufflers

The purpose of the silencer is to reduce the noise originating from the internal combustion process of the engine. IEX mufflers are designed to achieve high attenuation with low backpressure using a combination of reflection chambers, resonators, perforates and absorption.


It has the possibility to produce products in various sizes and shapes to be produced by round or flat polygonal trunk sewing method in sizes ranging from Ø89 mm to Ø905 mm.


All muffler sizes are available and all mufflers are designed to optimize sound attenuation and backpressure.


Our goal is to reduce the time spent in the resource process to make our products longer lasting.


Mild steel


Light steel products are coated with powder paint or heat-resistant paint.


Aluminized steel


Aluminum-coated steel is used in 90% of all non-stainless steel silencers. Aluminum steel or aluminum-zinc steel, light steel is a type of steel coated with a thin layer of aluminum oxide (120-150 g / m²). This type of material is very resistant to corrosion and no additional protection is required afterwards.


IEX, paints outsourcing spaces for cosmetic reasons during storage and transportation.


Stainless steel


IEX, uses stainless steel, stainless steel products in various types, ranging from 12% to 17.3% Chrome to acid resistant AISI 316 L Chrome AISI 409.

Exhaust Pipes

IEX, Ø38mm - Ø152,4 mm all dimensions and thickness of 1.50- 3.00 mm can handle all sizes.


Bending Without Deformation


With a mandrel bending process, the result is a premium pipe product. The process uses a mandrel inside the tube during bending operation, and together with a boosting technology the end result is pipes without deformation.


The combination of mandrel bending process and the boosting technology gives the advantage to minimize the centerline radius all the way down to one time the diameter (1-D).


IEX, used in all conditions without deformation of the pipe, pipe bending technologies allowing is the best repeatability of all bending processes and quality control to ensure with Computer numerically controlled (CNC) systems. Bending without deformation and 1 D.


New boosting technology also gives minimum centerline radius all the way down to one time the diameter (1-D)


Normal mild steel, aluminised steel and stainless steel pipe works can be made.


Mild steel


A very small number of products are manufactured in mild steel, mild steel (DC04/P04) is available but the last operation with heat-resistant paint, paint or dust it requires.


Aluminised steel


Aluminised steel, stainless steel, as long as it's not a necessity, such as exhaust systems, the most commonly used type of steel.


Stainless steel


IEX exhaust, primarily in AISI 304 l/AISI409/EN14306 stainless steel uses other stainless steel types are available upon request.

Flexible Pipes

IEX, Ø25 mm – Ø300 mm sizes to produce flexible pipes with polygonal type of nesting is capable of all this in addition to being flexible pipes fixed-length 2 meters to 10 meters and it is possible to manufacture rolls IEX exhaust systems you can order reference numbers of these products contained in catalogs.


Ø32 mm – Ø356 mm size range, and lengths ranging from bellows type 103 – 400 mm or interior and exterior braided flexible conduits are product range consists of.


IEX, integrated into the highest-quality locking flexible pipes on the market uses Flexible pipes, exhaust systems, engine vibration, the engine is used to absorb motion and heat expansion.


A wide range of dimensions


Flexible pipes, exhaust pipe clamp attached to the separate or integrated as part of a unit can be supplied in various sizes.


IEX, three standard material, (Ø25 mm – Ø300 mm) offers a wide range of flexible pipes and Flexible tubes in diameters with Seam data, see


Flex Pipe installation and usage is extremely important.


Installation and use is of crucial importance


Installation and use of flexible pipes is of crucial importance to the durability and functionality of the flexible unit.


Flexible pipes are designed to absorb mainly lateral and angular movements. It is not recommended to use flexible pipes to absorb torsional movement.


Installation guidelines

In order to maximise longevity of any flexible installation, it is recommended to follow the installation guidelines. These imply that any flexible connection will, depending on the actual movements to absorb, be in the area of 2-3 times the diameter of the flex/pipe work.
Please note that a flexible pipe can be extended approx. 25%, and the mid position is half of the extension (12.5%).


The flex connection must be located in a mid position allowing the interlock structure to move equally in both lateral directions.

Integral Insulation

IEX long-term insulation experience makes us one of the best insulation providers in the industry. We are able to customize insulation solutions to our customer’s requirements.


6 mm-30 mm thickness, between 500 C ° - 1.200 C° temperature range heat resistant glass pinned fiber.


Up to %90 heat reduction capability.


Acoustic reduction advantage.


Stainless steel foil wraping with strong welding.


Excellent protection against external effects.


Perfect and economic solution for low production quantities.

Catalysts - DPF

A powerful combination of high-performing coatings and durable substrates that translates into innovative products designed to tackle the most stringent emission requirements.

Through our versatile approach and customization abilities, our customers are always able to find a solution for their emission control needs.


IEX designs and manufactures high quality clamps for connecting exhaust components. Our long-term experience enables us to provide custom designs tailored to suit your clamping requirements.


IEX offers very big range for clamps, with different dimensions and shapes, such as Ø32mm – Ø130,5mm DIN Clamps, Ø25 mm – Ø120mm M8 uclamps, Ø71mm Ø128/132 mm flex clamps are only the few of them.


IEX, offers a wide range of products to connect the components and make them work in harmony. The portfolio contains Flat clamps, DIN clamp, V- clamp, Flexible clamp and also U-bolt clamps.


IEX, provides an effective operation with simple and cost effective design solutions and high class equipment.

Air Tanks

Production in accordance with TS EN 286-2 standards.

Corrosion resistant electrostatic exterior powder coating. Corrosion resistant electrostatic powder coating.

Mounting solutions with brackets and clamps up to 5 lt -120 lt.

High welding penetration.

100% Tightness test.

100% Burr-free cleaned surface

CE certificated products.

Connection clamps for tube diameters.

Fuel / Oil Tanks

IEX offers to customers all kinds of Aluminium Fuel Tanks & Oil Tanks for European Trucks, Trailers.


Products of IEX are manufactured with high-quality raw materials which are deemed the highest standard by the aluminum & steel industry.


Every single product is inspected by the quality control department and goes through about 10 different quality tests before receiving quality approval.


The entire production cycle (design, production, testing, painting and packaging) happens all in one factory which makes it easier for IEX to control every aspect of the manufacturing process from beginning to delivery.