IEX is Manufacturer of Exhaust Systems in Turkey. IEX is one of the leading companies and highly reputable brand in Turkey with its trusted quality and very wide range of exhaust systems.
IEX produces all the necessary components for its products in accordance with a rigorous quality management system that is utilized throughout all production processes.
IEX manufactures all parts and components related with Exhaust systems in own factory. All IEX operations; including manufacture and management are carried out under strict rules of National and in International Quality Standards.In order to do better, we produce parts that will add value to our customers. With our local production, extensive service network and easy procurement services; we rise up to be a value producing in our country.
We have been making use of our experience that is gained through long ages and the technology on the leading edge, and been developing our manufacturing with standing firm on its principles.
We are seeking new markets to participate in, with our higher growth rate, vast knowledge, perfect timing and service orientation, while taking pleasure in adding value to the independent
spare parts market.
We are highly proud to know that our customers and the end users enjoy using our products and facilities.

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